Brake Service

Brake Service in West HavenWe are West Haven’s top choice for brake service and repair.

Hearing funny noises when you apply your brakes? Brakes starting to make noise?  These are just some of the signs that you may need a brake service.

Get help– Strange noises are a sign that your brakes need to be fixed. Brake repairs are not always expensive, a lot of the time a simple and inexpensive fix can solve the problem.  If you notice a problem with your brakes in West Haven, CT or surrounding areas, call Westwoods Motors.


Common brake repair problems

Brakes can lose their performance over time, there are a number of reasons for this. With a routine Free Brake Check, we can quickly find out if you have any of the following problems:

Worn brake pads

If your pads are worn from excessive use they will need to be replaced. You can attempt to do this yourself, although the best plan is to let us do it for you.

Loose nuts and bolts

Often times a problem might be caused by just a few loose nuts and bolts. We thoroughly inspect brakes to ensure all parts are properly fastened and functioning properly.

Other Brake Problems

Our brake service includes an inspection of the brake lines and disks for anything that seems damaged or out of the ordinary.


Why choose our brake service?

  • Free estimates and a fast, premium priced service
  • Trained, licensed and experienced mechanics
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Complete brake service
  • Locally owned and operated in West Haven, CT


Do you know how frequently you should get your brakes checked? To find the answer to this, other important facts about brake repair and maintaining your vehicle, call us at (203) 932-1170