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Why use an Independent Import Auto Repair Shop?

12:44 pm
Import Auto Repair

When you need a Mercedes or Audi service or other import auto repair, you might assume your better off with an authorized dealership.

There is often an assumption that dealerships are better, they specialize in your vehicle, so why shouldn’t they be?    Vehicle owners are often under the impression that they need to send their Mercedes to the authorized Mercedes garage, for example.

But while authorized dealerships might provide a reliable, tailored service, you can expect to pay a lot more than your independent import auto repair shop.

According to a study by AutoMD, authorized dealerships can cost on […]

Regular Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

11:09 am
Vehicle Maintenance When to Do What

What needs to be done and when?  Regular maintenance might cost you money in the short term, but can keep your vehicle running for longer and prevent expensive repairs.

By knowing what essential checks you need to make and when, you can save yourself a small fortune in bigger repairs.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Follow our vehicle maintenance checklist and increase the life span of your auto.

Check Your Fluids

Checking the various fluids in your vehicle is a simple check you can make yourself. Remember to check your engine oil, coolant, antifreeze & power steering fluids […]

Maintenance Tips for Mercedes Owners

1:50 pm
Mercedes Maintenance

When you bought your Mercedes, you probably chose it for its known durability, quality components & good looks.

But while the Mercedes is known for being a well-built car, like any auto it’s not immune to problems.

Being a European Import, when things go wrong with your Mercedes, you can typically expect to pay slightly more for parts & repair.  To avoid getting yourself into such a situation, the best defence is to focus on preventative maintenance for your Mercedes.


Maintenance Checks for Your Mercedes

Keep your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly & avoid […]